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At Adaptive Equipment Caregiving Corner, we provide education and resources to enhance safety, comfort, and peace of mind for seniors, family caregivers, and professional caregivers.

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Educational Videos

Enhance your caregiving skills, efficiency, and confidence.

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Adaptive Equipment Demonstrations

Learn how to use adaptive equipment safely and effectively.

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Home Safety Resources

Make the transition from medical care to home care seamless.

Caregiving Doesn't Have to be Overwhelming

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We understand the challenges you face as a caregiver. Whether you're a devoted family member or a professional caregiver, providing care for someone after a hospital or nursing home stay or for those with limited mobility can leave you searching for answers.

We help caregivers provide the best care possible while safeguarding their own well-being.

Access Caregiving Resources for Your Individual Needs

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Are you an older adult who prefers to stay safe at home for as long as possible?

Your desire for independence and dignity is essential. Join the Caregiver's Video Library for resources tailored to seniors who want to thrive safely in the comfort of their own homes.

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Family Caregivers

Are you a family caregiver who needs to provide a loved one with safe daily care?

Your loved ones deserve the best; we're here to ensure you can deliver just that. The Caregiver's Video Library will guide you through step-by-step caregiving techniques to keep your loved one and yourself safe throughout your caregiving journey.

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Professional Caregivers

Are you a professional caregiver looking to improve your caregiving skills, save time, and stay updated on the latest techniques?

Join the Caregiver's Video Library for in-depth insights into the latest caregiving practices and adaptive equipment usage. Increase caregiver efficiency and improve patient carryover while saving yourself an hour a day.

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Brands Who Trust and Use Educational Resources from AECorner

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“We don’t sell equipment; we show you how to use it safely!”

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Download the Home Safety Quick Start Guide: Your Path to Safer Caregiving 

🏠 Ensure a safe and comfortable transition home for yourself or your loved one

🔥 Discover the top 3 areas of the home you should address first

🎥 Watch easy-to-understand video demonstrations of safety techniques

🏥 Learn what you can do to keep yourself or your loved one out of the hospital

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