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Finding the right piece of health equipment for your specific need can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. On top of that it’s important you know how to use it correctly to keep you and your loved one safe. Where do you begin? That’s where we come in! We are your go-to resource for all things health equipment and caregiver education. Everything from finding the right product and using it correctly to caregiver safety and quick tips. Whether its purchasing equipment or borrowing it from your local lending closet, AECorner can help point you in the right direction. Here you can find helpful caregiver resources, subscribe to our caregiver support video library and watch our latest product review videos.

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Home Safety Quick Start Guide

Check these 3 areas of the home before your loved one is discharged from a healthcare facility. Download our quick start guide here.

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Product Review

Stay up-to-date with all our product review videos. Find links and learn more about healthcare equipment designed to make caregiving easier.

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Health Equipment Lending Programs

Health equipment lending closets loan health equipment out to community members at low or no-cost. Find your local lending closet here.

Learn about the products featured in our videos

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Learn more about helpful bathroom equipment featured in AECorner’s product review videos. Find links and learn more here.

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Learn more about helpful bedroom equipment featured in AECorner’s product review videos. Find links and learn more here.

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Home Entry

Learn more about health equipment designed to make getting into the home and up and down stairs safer and easier. Find links and learn more about equipment featured in our videos here.

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Specialty Products

Sometimes health equipment is specific to one particular activity of daily living. Learn more about the helpful pieces of equipment featured in AECorner’s product review videos here.

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Learn more about helpful mobility equipment featured in AECorner’s product review videos. Find links and learn more here.

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Daily Living

Learn about the health equipment used to keep loved ones safe when performing daily care activities. Find links and learn more about the adaptive equipment featured in AECorner’s product review videos.

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We have two plans available:

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Caregivers, learn how to safely care for your loved one

AECorner’s Caregiver Support video collection shows individuals how to stay safe in the home, wherever they call home and educates caregiver on ways to keep their loved ones and themselves safe while giving care.

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Companies, give your clients the gift of safety

AECorner’s Senior and Caregiver Support video library educates seniors on ways to keep themselves safe, helps improve their ability to function as independently as possible and helps them decrease their risk of hospital stays.

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The Gait Vest

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