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A weak grip makes getting dressed difficult, especially if there are buttons involved. That’s where A Better Button comes in!

Here are two ways to use A Better Button

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Having difficulty moving a loved one up to or away from the kitchen table?

The Chair Caddy by ComforTek is retrofitted to fit your dining room or kitchen chair. It has front and back medical-grade casters, a foot-activated locking rear caster, and is rated for 450 lbs. Use discount code AECorner for 15% off your purchase.

Tausi is a modular comfort and support pillow sham, that can be used alone or with a pillow. It cradles your head and neck, keeping you fully supported for upright sleeping, relaxing, reading, or watching TV. Use it in your favorite chair, on the couch, or while lying in bed. Use discount code AEC for 20% off your purchase.

The ComforTeck Chair Caddie is designed to fit most existing chairs. With the caddie secured to a dining room or kitchen chair, there’s no more straining or twisting to position your loved one up to the dinner table. Use discount code AECorner for 15% off your purchase.

For the compression socks to have a beneficial medical effect, they must be worn consistently and on a daily basis. Additionally, the compression sock must be very tight, as this makes the process of putting on and removing them difficult.

The Steve Complete has four sizes available to ensure optimal fit and comfort. Because Steve Complete prevents the compression stocking from being stretched unnecessarily, it extends the life of the compression stocking.

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Christina and Cindy, AECorner therapists introduce viewers to the CareZips Classic pants by Joe & Bella. These stylish and functional pants are designed for individuals who may or may not need assistance with dressing to help improve the ease of self-care and maintain dignity with assisted care.

CareZips are also designed to reduce caregiver stain and improve ease of care while assisting a loved one or client.

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MagnaReady uses magnetic closures with their adaptive shirts to make getting dressed both quick and painless. No more fumbling with buttons! Click the PURCHASE ITEM button below and use promo code AECORNER to get 15% off your purchase.

The Mobility Towel is a weighted bath towel with handles that helps anyone who struggles drying themselves after bathing.

The sewn on handle is designed to grasp or slide your wrists through.

There are 2 three ounce weights on one end of the towel which allows the towel to easily drape over the legs or back providing contact with the skin so legs and back can be dried without bending or reaching. This towel is washer and dryer safe.

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A tub transfer bench assists individuals with safely getting in and out of the tub. This tub transfer bench by Vive Health has an reversible backrest designed to fit most bathrooms and is easy to assemble. Use promo code aec10 to get 10% off your purchase.

These face and head ice wraps are great for relieving face and head pain due to headaches, TMJ, dental work, wisdom tooth removal and cosmetic surgery. Use promo code aec10 for 10% off your purchase.

We make caregiving safer & easier

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