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This toilet bowl night light assists with safe trips to the bathroom during nighttime toileting. Great for bathroom safety!

Learn more about Seni-USA’s full line of incontinence products. Seni takes pride in educating its customers. Ensuring you have the right STYLE, SIZE and ABSORBENCY allows for a better night’s sleep for individuals and caregivers, improved confidence, reduced caregiver strain and reduced risk for falls, pressure sores and urinary tract infections. Use code: AEC23 for 7% off any purchase.

QuickChange Wraps are incontinence pads for men who are bed-bound, wheelchair-bound or minimally ambulatory.

Reachers are helpful for assistance while dressing, reaching items up on a shelf, or picking up items off of the floor. The longer style reachers are also helpful with yard work, preventing repetitive bending, i.e., when picking up sticks. These items are helpful to individuals with low back pain, limited mobility, or after any surgery (total hip/knee replacement, back surgery) that limits one’s bending or reaching abilities.

EazyHold silicone straps help both children and adults with limited or absent grip strength remain independent with their daily activities.

This sliding transfer bench with a cut-out from Eagle Health is great for those individuals who have difficulty stepping over the side of the tub.

This swivel shower chair from Eagle Health is great for individuals who have limited mobility and are dealing with limited space for bathing.

Getting up at night in the dark can significantly increase fall risk. Light the way by putting a Mr. Beams motion sensor night light under the bed.

The Vive Health toilet seat riser mounts to the toilet and has handles for increased safety in the bathroom.

Stand alone toilet safety rails may be a good option for additional assistance and safety after hip or knee replacement surgery.

We make caregiving safer & easier

Our video subscriptions provide education on improving safety and function in self-care and caregiving
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