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For the compression socks to have a beneficial medical effect, they must be worn consistently and on a daily basis. Additionally, the compression sock must be very tight, as this makes the process of putting on and removing them difficult.

There are four sizes available in the Steve Complete to ensure optimal fit and comfort. Because Steve Complete prevents the compression stocking from being stretched unnecessarily, it extends the life of the compression stocking.

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Christina and Cindy, AECorner therapists introduce viewers to the CareZips Classic pants by Joe & Bella. These stylish and functional pants are designed for individuals who may or may not need assistance with dressing to help improve the ease of self-care and maintain dignity with assisted care.

CareZips are also designed to reduce caregiver stain and improve ease of care while assisting a loved one or client.

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MagnaReady uses magnetic closures with their adaptive shirts to make getting dressed both quick and painless. No more fumbling with buttons! Click the PURCHASE ITEM button below and use promo code AECORNER to get 15% off your purchase.

Elastic Shoelaces are useful for someone who is having difficulty reaching their feet due to pain, lack of mobility or weakness.

Bed rails are helpful for getting in and out of bed as well as assisting with moving around in bed.

Sock Aids are useful for any individual having difficulty reaching their feet due to pain, weakness, loss of motion, restrictions. A sock aid is often used after surgeries such as total hip or knee replacement and back surgery.

Reachers are helpful for assistance while dressing, reaching items up on a shelf or picking up items off of the floor. The longer style reachers are also helpful with yard work, preventing repetitive bending i.e. when picking up sticks. These items are helpful to individuals with low back pain, limited mobility, or after any type of surgery (total hip/knee replacement, back surgery) that limits one’s bending or reaching abilities.

This device may be helpful when having difficulty manipulating buttons or zippers due to pain, weakness, loss of sensation, loss of motion in the fingers and hands.

This product is a set of soft silicone straps that vary in size, which can help both children and adults with limited or absent grip strength remain as independent as possible with their daily activities.

Button extenders are helpful for someone who is having difficulty with fastening buttons on a dress shirt or pants because they may not have sufficient strength or use of their hand, thumb or index finger for dressing activities.

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