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The KeyWing key turner helps people with weak or painful grips use keys to lock and unlock items by creating a larger surface on the key.

Tausi is a modular comfort and support pillow sham that can be used alone or with a pillow. It cradles your head and neck, keeping you fully supported for upright sleeping, relaxing, reading, or watching TV. Use it in your favorite chair, on the couch, or while lying in bed. Use discount code AEC for 20% off your purchase.

A Car Assist Handle is used as extra support for hand placement when getting out in and out of the car. Stores easily in glove compartment!

A transfer belt has safety handles and leg straps to help caregivers assist with moving a loved one from one sitting surface to another. There are 4 handles to assist with a secure transfer and leg traps keep the belt in place.

The Beasy Glyder transfer board is a great solution for situations when the arm of the wheelchair is not removable or the wheel is an obstacle. The crescent shape of the board facilitates the caregiver’s natural transfer motions. It is also great for car transfers.

The ProFlex Leg Lifter and Rehab Strap was designed by AECorner’s very own physical therapist, Cindy! The ProFlex Leg Lifter & Rehab Strap assists individuals with performing activities such as getting in and out of bed, bathtub, chair, or car. This device also doubles as a recovery tool after knee or hip surgery, helping patients more efficiently participate in therapy-prescribed exercises.

We make caregiving safer & easier

Our video subscriptions provide education on improving safety and function in self-care and caregiving
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