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Nana’s Books are a collection of 30 books full of nostalgic photographs, beautiful reproductions of memorable artwork, familiar literature, poetry, and words of praise.

Great for family caregivers, life enrichment staff, memory care communities, speech therapists, and dementia care specialists.

The Brainflex System is an education and training structure founded on a series of workbooks developed by Melissa Arnold, counselor and certified dementia care practitioner.

There are 3 cognitive levels in the BrainFlex System series of workbooks: The Prevention series, The Early to Mid series and The Mid to Moderate series.

Each series contains 12 workbooks that focus on 4 key concepts: exercise: which includes gentle stretching and light strengthening; nutrition: which includes brain-healthy recipes and brain-stimulating activities such as word finding, recall and logic and socialization activities where caregivers can facilitate meaningful conversations with their loved ones.

Use discount code: ADAPT for 10% off purchase

Mirador Magazine is an ad-free, leisure-oriented publication created for the enjoyment of people experiencing dementia-related illness, brain trauma, or other cognitive impairment along with their families and communities. Use code adapt for 20% off your purchase.

We make caregiving safer & easier

Our video subscriptions provide education on improving safety and function in self-care and caregiving
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