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Having difficulty moving a loved one up to or away from the kitchen table?

The Chair Caddy by ComforTek is retrofitted to fit your dining room or kitchen chair. It has front and back medical-grade casters, a foot-activated locking rear caster, and is rated for 450 lbs. Use discount code AECorner for 15% off your purchase.

The ComforTeck Chair Caddie is designed to fit most existing chairs. With the caddie secured to a dining room or kitchen chair, there’s no more straining or twisting to position your loved one up to the dinner table. Use discount code AECorner for 15% off your purchase.

These assistive devices are useful in the kitchen when having difficulty with weakness, pain, loss of sensation, loss of motion in the fingers and hands.

Good Grips Jar Opener

J Hook Can Opener

Pull Top Can Opener

Open Smart Soda Can Opener

Reachers are helpful for assistance while dressing, reaching items up on a shelf or picking up items off of the floor. The longer style reachers are also helpful with yard work, preventing repetitive bending i.e. when picking up sticks. These items are helpful to individuals with low back pain, limited mobility, or after any type of surgery (total hip/knee replacement, back surgery) that limits one’s bending or reaching abilities.

This product is a set of soft silicone straps that vary in size, which can help both children and adults with limited or absent grip strength remain as independent as possible with their daily activities.

A Nosey Cup is made to allow people to keep their chin in a level position even when tipping the cup up to drink all of the liquid. A Nosey cup allows people to follow the safety precaution of keeping the chin level while drinking liquids.

This may be helpful to someone who is having difficulty with strength or motion in their thumb and index finger for activities such as: turning a deadbolt lock, a small lock inside a door knob, or a stove top knob, and to remove some prescription medication lids.

Here’s a helpful kitchen product for people with shoulder pain and/or limited mobility.

The Kennedy cup is a spill-proof cup for people with tremors.

The Meal Lifter Dining Aid is an eating aid that raises a dinner plate several inches, reducing the distance from food to mouth. This simple platform assists individuals with uncoordinated movements and promotes dining with dignity.

We make caregiving safer & easier

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