Crutch Caddy: Product Review

Crutch Caddy: Product Review – In this video Cindy, physical therapist with Adaptive Equipment Corner reviews a product called the Crutch Caddy.

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What is a Crutch Caddy?

The Crutch Caddy is a weighted disk that holds crutches in a vertical position when not in use. The crutches are held upright because of a “lock and release mechanism”. The mechanism is mad up of 4 lever arms that hold crutches securely in an upright position. As an added feature the lever arms also glow-in-dark for night time use.

Crutch Caddy: Product Review – Important Information About Crutch Tip Size

Crutch Caddy also includes two replacement crutch tips. These crutch tips measure 1 3/4 inches in diameter and will fit most standard crutches. Standard crutches usually have an end tube that measures 7/8th inches in diameter. This measurement is the standard for most crutches sold in the USA. During the test we tried to fit the crutch tips that came in the box on a pair of forearm crutches but the tubing on the forearm crutches was too small and could not be used in the caddy. 

Will the device work with a cane?

Another questions we had was will the device work with a cane? The Crutch Caddy is not designed to be used with a cane. The crutch tips that are included are too big for most cane tips.

Reducing Risk of Falls

The Crutch Caddy was designed to hold standard crutches in a vertical position at bedside or next to your favorite chair. Storing your crutches in a vertical position helps decrease the risk of others tripping over them when not in use and for easy access to the user.

Crutch Caddy: Product Review – Product Review Outcome

We were very impressed that the device was able to hold the crutches in a sturdy, vertical position. We also liked that the crutches were so easy to access.

How to Safely Use This Product

Cindy recommends the following techniques when retrieving and placing crutches while standing up and sitting down:

Standing Up
*DO NOT stand up from chair before removing crutches. Especially, if you are non weight bearing on one leg. 
1. Take the crutches out of the caddy first then place both crutches on your dominant or strong side
2. Push up using the crutches on your strong side and the chair on your other side
3. Come up into a standing position
4. Adjust the crutches under your arms as needed

Sitting Down
*DO NOT place the crutches in the caddy BEFORE you sit down
1. Place crutches on your dominant side to use for stability
2. Reach non dominant hand back for chair
3. Gently lower self into chair
4. Place your crutches in the caddy

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Crutch Caddy: Product Review

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