Safe and Effective Caregiving Made Easier for You and Your Loved One!

Join the Caregiver's Video Library for expert guidance to help you safely and confidently care for yourself or your loved one at home.

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Safe and Effective Caregiving Made Easier for You and Your Loved One!

Join the Caregiver's Video Library for expert guidance to help you safely and confidently care for yourself or your loved one at home.

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Gain Confidence
in Your Caregiving


Provide Safe
and Comfortable Care


Balance Caregiving
with Your Busy Life

Caregiving is a Labor of Love that Comes with Many Challenges

  • Are you struggling as a new caregiver, feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to begin?

  • Do you sometimes doubt your caregiving abilities or worry if you're doing enough for your loved one?

Caring for a loved one can be undeniably challenging, filled with emotional and physical demands that test your strength and resilience. The fact that you're here on our site shows your desire to provide your loved one with the compassionate care they deserve. Our mission is to help you do that safely without losing yourself in the process.

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Imagine having step-by-step training and resources at your fingertips so you can confidently care for your loved one.

Provide the quality (and quantity) of care your loved one needs and deserves without losing yourself in the process.

Have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can handle the medical and physical challenges they are experiencing without worrying you might hurt, injure, or worsen their condition.

Make your caregiving journey smoother and more fulfilling, so you no longer feel burdened by the demands of caregiving.

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Introducing the Caregiver's Video Library

We know your loved ones deserve the best; our mission is to ensure you can deliver just that. Our affordable, user-friendly video library will guide you through step-by-step caregiving techniques, empowering you to care for your loved ones with compassion and expertise. Gain peace of mind as you learn to use adaptive equipment safely and effectively, making your transition from medical care to home care seamless.

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Here's what you'll receive when you subscribe:


Unlimited access to hundreds of educational videos on safe caregiving at home


Closed captioning for enhanced understanding


Step-by-step instructions for using adaptive equipment properly


Expert guidance on rehabilitation and home safety


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Your satisfaction is guaranteed…

We are confident that our educational resources will empower you in your caregiving journey. If you are not satisfied with our services, we offer a full refund within 30 days of joining.


My dad recently had a stroke and the information and videos found at Adaptive Equipment & Caregivers were so very vital for taking care of my dad. Any questions I had, I was able to find a corresponding video that allowed us to adapt the care we gave him to suit exactly what we needed. The equipment that they recommended and offer are precisely what caregivers need. I could not recommend them any higher. Thank you so much.

Julie Griffin


My husband had hip replacement surgery, and the resources and information provided by Adaptive Equipment Corner was exceptional! Would highly recommend for all caregivers!

Annis Fam


Adaptive Equipment is AWESOME. Christina and Cindy know their stuff and are always helping others with their incredibile videos and reviews. Please make sure you watch their site. They have helped me with my 97 year old mother-in-law with their suggestions and made her quality of life so much better.

Vickie Lewis

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About AECorner

At AECorner, we understand the challenges and responsibilities that come with caregiving. We developed our caregiver's video library to provide the knowledge and support you need to feel confident and proud while caring for your loved one.

Our mission is to help you eliminate stress and worry, become a confident and efficient caregiver, giving your loved ones the best care possible.

Join us on this journey and start enjoying the benefits of safer and more effective caregiving.

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