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Feature Your Adaptive Equipment Product on AECorner!

Do you have an exceptional adaptive equipment product that can make a real difference in the lives of caregivers and individuals seeking functional independence? We would love to showcase your innovation and expertise on AECorner through our engaging and informative video reviews and product demonstrations!

At AECorner, we are dedicated to providing caregivers and seniors with valuable insights and practical solutions to enhance daily living. By featuring your product on our platform, you'll have the opportunity to reach our engaged audience and positively impact countless lives.

Why Partner with AECorner?

  • Extensive Reach

    AECorner is a leading adaptive equipment and caregiving solutions platform. Our content is enjoyed by a wide range of caregivers, families, and individuals seeking products to improve their quality of life.

  • Trusted Expertise

    We have extensive experience in the caregiving and adaptive equipment industry. Our knowledge and enthusiasm ensure your product will be presented with genuine care and insight.

  • Informative Demonstrations

    Our video reviews provide a hands-on and practical demonstration of your product's features, benefits, and usability. This approach lets viewers fully understand how your adaptive equipment can positively impact their lives.

  • Audience Engagement

    Our audience actively seeks the latest and most innovative products to enhance caregiving and promote independent living. By showcasing your product on AECorner, you'll receive valuable exposure and engagement from a receptive audience.

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Feature Your Product: Step-by-Step


Tell Us About Your Product

Complete the form below and describe your adaptive equipment product. Please provide us with essential details, such as the product's name, features, benefits, and how it addresses specific caregiving needs. If you have links to a sales page or product page for the item, please include those.


Product Review and Approval

Once we receive your message, our team will carefully review your submission to ensure it aligns with our mission and standards. If your product is selected for review, we will get back to you with an invitation to the next step.


Engaging Video Demonstration

If your product meets our criteria, Cindy and Christina will create an engaging video review showcasing its functionalities, ease of use, and overall effectiveness. We aim to give viewers valuable insights and practical tips on utilizing your adaptive equipment.


Reach a Global

Once your video review is live on AECorner, your product will reach our engaged community of caregivers, seniors, and individuals seeking functional independence. This exposure will help your product impact the lives of those who need it most.

Take advantage of this incredible opportunity to feature your adaptive equipment product on AECorner and make a positive difference in the caregiving community!

Please submit your product for review, and let us help you share your innovation with the world.

We are excited to collaborate with you to promote safe, independent, and vibrant living through adaptive concepts and caregiving excellence. Join us today; together, we can empower caregivers and seniors worldwide!