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We have listed all of AECorner’s featured products by room i.e., kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. We hav also listed equipment by functionality i.e., mobility, dressing, and daily living. Now let’s find the video featuring your product. It’s easy! Start by looking at the top of this page for “AECorner’s Featured Products”. Hover over the phrase with your mouse. Next, click on the “room” or the “use” of the featured product. Lastly, find the picture of the desired product. Please know, clicking on the product will redirect you to that product’s affiliate page.

AECorner’s Featured Products: What are what is a Featured Product?

One of our goals at Adaptive Equipment Corner is to raise public awareness of all types of adaptive equipment available. As therapist we have witnessed the life-altering changes the right piece of equipment can mean for an individual’s independence. All of our videos highlight a single featured product we feel will bring viewers a sense of that independence. In addition to raising public awareness, we also train our viewer on the correct techniques to use each featured product safely. Included in the comment section of every video is a written form of any instructions needed to use the featured product safely. Please contact us using the form found on our Contact page or by clicking HERE.

AECorner’s Featured Products have Affiliate links: What is an Affiliate Link?

Our website site contains affiliate links to purchase featured products highlighted in our videos. The affiliate links found in the comment section of  AECorner videos may not directly correspond with the exact featured product highlighted in the video.  Viewers should know for full disclosure, clicking on links to various merchants on this site to make a purchase can result in this site earning a commission. Please be aware, affiliate programs and affiliations include, but are not limited to the Amazon Associate Program.

Who is Adaptive Equipment Corner?

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