In this video, Becca, OT with Adaptive Equipment Corner explains How to Put on Socks After Surgery Using a Sock Aid.

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Why would people use a sock aid after surgery?

Many times after having surgery on the lower part of the body people will have difficulty bending at the waist thereby making it difficult to get dressed. It is especially difficult to put on socks after having surgery on the hip or knee. A sock aid is used when a person has limitations with bending at the waist. Bending at the waist is a movement that is used when putting on socks.

How to put on socks after surgery

1.   First place sock aid in your lap between your legs or up against your belly with the basin facing down toward your legs.
2.   When sliding the sock on the sock aid make sure the heel of the sock is on the bottom of the sock aid.
3.   Be sure to pull the sock up close to the top of the basin while leaving a large opening for your toes. Do not pull the sock up past the strings of the sock aid.
4.   Drop the sock aid onto the floor while holding onto the strings. Remember, if the strings are too long wrap them around your hands to take up the slack.
5.   While sliding your foot inside of the sock aid point your toes towards the tip of the sock aid.
6.   Lastly, pull the strings up and towards your body.
If you need to reposition your sock for more comfort consider using a reacher or a dressing stick.

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These videos are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you consult with your physician and local physical or occupational therapist to be evaluated for your adaptive equipment needs.

How to Put on Socks After Surgery

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