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Lending Closets to Equip Caregivers with Essential Resources

Find a Lending Closet Near You for Home Medical Equipment to Make Caregiving Safer and Easier

Caregiving can present unexpected challenges and sometimes, the need for home medical equipment arises with little notice. Whether a loved one is recovering from an injury or facing mobility challenges, we encourage you to check out your local lending closet to borrow equipment for low or no cost.

What is a Lending Closet?

A Lending Closet is a community service that lends durable medical equipment (DME) to residents experiencing temporary or permanent disabilities. These lending programs aim to bridge the gap for families facing caregiving challenges, offering access to essential equipment without the burden of purchasing it outright.

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Lending Closets Provide a Wide Range of Durable Medical Equipment (DME) to Meet Various Caregiving Needs

From wheelchairs and shower chairs to bedside commodes, walkers, crutches, canes, and high-rise toilet seats, lending closets have essential equipment readily available to support your loved ones' comfort and safety.

Temporary or Long-Term Support

Lending Closets provide flexible support. Whether your loved one requires equipment for short-term recovery or ongoing assistance, lending closets meet different caregiving situations.

Easy Access, No Financial Strain

Caregiving equipment is often expensive and can cause financial strain for families. Lending Closets offer a cost-effective solution by providing the equipment you need at low or not cost, saving you the expense of purchasing it outright. Borrow the equipment for the required duration, and return it when it is no longer needed.

Eco Friendly

Donate your used equipment to keep it out of landfills.

Connect with Lending Closets Near You

To ensure you have access to a comprehensive directory of lending closets in your area, we are a referral source with Lending Closets.

With their comprehensive Lending Closest Directory, you can search for lending closets near you, making it convenient to borrow the equipment you need for your loved ones' care.

How to Use a Lending Closet


Search a Lending Closet Near You

Contact them via their website or by phone. Have an idea of what equipment you need (is it a mobility device, hospital bed, bathroom, etc.).


Submit a Request

Once you've identified the needed equipment, follow your local lending library’s requirements to submit a request.


Borrow with Ease

Borrow the equipment from the lending closet for the duration you need, and rest assured, knowing you have the resources you need to prioritize your loved one's safety and comfort.


Return the Equipment

Once the equipment is no longer needed, return it to the lending closet.

At Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner, we believe in fostering a supportive community of caregivers to make caregiving safer and easier for families like yours.