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What if you felt totally in control of taking care of your loved one?
Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner is about improving the safety and efficiency of caregiving. Here you will learn the correct tools and techniques to enhance your caregiving skills giving you peace of mind in the care of your loved one.

We don't sell equipment; we show you how to use it safely!

Your home safety experts!

Are you a family caregiver looking to provide your loved one with safe daily care?

Are you an older adult who prefers to stay safely in your own home as long as possible?

Be sure to check out our helpful tips, caregiver and senior resources, product demonstrations, and home safety videos.

Caring for a loved one?

Here are 3 ways to get started TODAY!
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Video Library Subscription
This library contains hundreds of helpful videos needed to learn how to safely care for your loved one at home while keeping yourself safe, too!
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Free 15-Minute

Phone/Virtural Consultation
Don't know where to start?
Contact us to schedul your free 15-minute consultation and let us help point you in the right direction.
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Explore Helpful

Product Demonstrations
Check out our demonstration videos featuring lots of helpful adaptive equipment to help keep you or your loved one safe at home.

Click on a product to watch a product demonstration!

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