Unisex Adapted Hooded MagZip Jacket

White hooded jacket

The ULEX Adaptive Men’s + Women’s Windbreaker is ideal for a variety of activities, including outdoor exercising, getting to/from the gym, or physical therapy. It is specifically designed for those who use mobility aids or wear prosthetics or AFOs. The jacket features a lightweight nylon outer shell, a power mesh lining for breathability, and a…

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Picture of Zeen wheelchair/walker with labeled part

The Zeen is similar to a wheelchair, keeping your center of gravity at the center of the device. It keeps you active, like a rollator, without needing your hands to stay supported as when using a walker, which can often cause fatigue. The Zeen provides full body support and is both stable and agile, allowing…

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Topple Tray

single handed use tray for carrying drinks, dishes

The Topple Tray gives individuals with limited or one hand use improved ability to carry items as well, ultimately improving safety and function for its users. We all know how difficult it is at times to steady a tray of drinks or dishes, but imagine on top of that weakness, decreased grip, mild balance from…

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