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four images of books from nanas books series featuring a tabby cat a painting of two older people sitting next to each other a black and white photo of an infant and two uniformed veterans on is older and one is young

Nana’s Books Series

Nana's Books are a collection of 30 books full of nostalgic photographs, beautiful reproductions of memorable artwork, familiar literature, poetry, and words of praise.

Great for family caregivers, life enrichment staff, memory care communities, speech therapists, and dementia care specialists.

image of a woman standing at head of a hospital bed with hands on a slide sheet another woman lying on a slide sheet with hands at sides and knees bent

Slide Sheet

A slide sheet is a tubular piece of nylon that helps caregivers easily reposition loved ones in bed. Place the slide sheet under your loved one, reposition them as needed and remove the slide sheet when finished. *Caution: do not leave the slide sheet under your loved one after repositioning.

We make caregiving safer & easier

Our video subscriptions provide education on improving safety and function in self-care and caregiving
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