Want to Increase Caregiver Efficiency and Patient Carryover While Saving Yourself an Hour a Day?

Join the Caregiver's Video Training Library - The #1 Resource for Professional Caregivers

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Want to Increase Caregiver Efficiency and Patient Carryover While Saving Yourself an Hour a Day?

Join the Caregiver's Video Training Library - The #1 Resource for Professional Caregivers

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Empower Your
Family Caregivers

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Enhance Patient Care
and Family Compliance


Eliminate Evening Charting
and Follow-up

For Dedicated Professional Caregivers

  • Are you a skilled RN, CNA, physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, or home health nurse?

  • Do you provide family and patient education as part of your professional care?

  • Are you tired of being on your computer doing paperwork and follow-up in the evening instead of enjoying time off with your family?

As a professional caregiver, you know your work is rewarding and demanding. Your dedication to your patients is commendable, but we understand that the challenges you face can take a toll. That’s why we are here to empower you with the right resources to enhance your caregiver and patient education (and give you your time back!).

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Imagine having an extensive library of step-by-step training videos and resources designed exclusively for caregivers.

Deliver the highest quality of care and the latest adaptive equipment recommendations to your patients.

This time saving tool allows you to reinforce patient and caregiver education while simultaneously completing onsite documentation.

Experience the reassurance of patient engagement tools that educate families and ensure proper care continues at home.

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Introducing the Caregiver's Video Library

Our affordable, user-friendly video library is tailored to meet professional caregivers' unique needs. Reinforced patient and caregiver education, improve patient carryover, and improve your in-home workflow efficiency. The Caregiver's Video Library is the top go-to resource for professional caregivers committed to delivering exceptional patient care.

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Psst. Want a pro tip?

Use the Caregiver's Video Library to help your patients and save yourself up to an hour every day!

On average, therapists see between 6-12 patients a day. With our video library, you can free up 5-10 minutes of your time at the end of every appointment, giving you back up to an hour per day, every day!

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Here's how to incorporate the Caregiver's Video Library into your patient care process:

At the end of each appointment, encourage the patients and their families to watch the relevant videos together. This will reinforce the caregiving techniques and training they learned during the appointment.

By involving the patients' families in the learning process,

  • You improve the likelihood of proper care carryover at home, enhancing patient outcomes and safety.

  • Families can gain confidence in providing care, contributing to a more supportive and efficient caregiving environment.

  • Additionally, the videos offer clear and concise instructions, allowing families to review essential information at their own pace, improving their caregiving skills and knowledge.

Plus, when you use the videos to supplement your caregiving guidance, you can spend those 5-10 minutes addressing other essential aspects of patient care like paperwork and follow-up.

It's the perfect win, win, win solution to support your patients, and their families, while giving yourself the freedom to go home and be with your family instead of typing notes from the day on your laptop!

Here's what you'll receive when you subscribe:


Unlimited access to hundreds of educational videos on safe caregiving practices


Closed captioning for enhanced understanding


Step-by-step instructions for using adaptive equipment properly


Expert guidance on rehabilitation and home safety


Cancel or pause your subscription at any time

Your satisfaction is guaranteed…

We are confident that our video library will be a useful addition to your professional toolbox.


Cindy and Christina did an outstanding job of helping my client and I for over an hour via Zoom to use, adjust, and fine tune a piece of equipment. Their expert knowledge, professionalism, patience, and positivity were deeply appreciated and felt. What an absolute gift they are both!!!!!!

Kelsey Chalker


Christina and Cindy go above and beyond for their clients and colleagues and they are both super knowledgeable! Highly recommend AE Corner!

Erin D


If you are a healthcare professional or caregiver, I highly recommend that you check this out. They have so many great videos that are helpful to therapists, nurses, nurse aids, and patients themselves! They also do reviews of medical equipment which are so helpful! They recently did a continuing education event for the company I work for- so informative and well presented!

Ali Maclean

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About AECorner

At AECorner, we empathize with your unique challenges and responsibilities as a professional caregiver. We developed the Caregiver's Video Library with your specific needs in mind, providing a wealth of knowledge and support to elevate your caregiving expertise.

Access the Caregiver's Video Library today, and witness its positive impact on your caregiving practice. Together, let's elevate patient care and make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Join AECorner for Enhanced Caregiving Excellence! Access the Caregiver's Video Library Today!

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