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Stay Safely in Your Home

Join the Caregiver's Video Library for the Training and Support You Need to Enjoy Independent Living with Safety and Confidence

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Enjoy Independent Living for as Long as Possible

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Age in Place with Dignity and Peace of Mind

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Maintain Your Well-Being and Active Lifestyle

Safely navigate the journey of aging in the comfort of your own home.

  • Are you a senior who has chosen to remain in your own home, enjoying the familiarity and comfort that comes with it?

  • Do you need practical solutions to make your home environment supportive of your evolving requirements?

  • Are you seeking strategies to minimize your risk of falling or becoming dependent on others for your daily needs?

Our mission at Adaptive Equipment & Caregiving Corner is to help you maintain your dignity and independence while remaining safely in the comfort and familiarity of your home.

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Introducing the Caregiver's Video Library

Our affordable and user-friendly Caregiver's Video Library provides simple, sensible, and easy-to-follow strategies to improve the safety of your home.

Say goodbye to worries about accidents or injuries – our expert guidance will ensure you enjoy your independence for as long as possible without compromising your safety or well-being.

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Here's what you'll receive when you subscribe:


Unlimited access to hundreds of educational videos to help you stay safe in your home


Closed captioning for enhanced understanding, catering to various learning styles


Step-by-step instructions for using adaptive equipment for added convenience


Expert guidance on home safety so you can maintain a secure and comfortable living environment as you age


Flexibility to cancel or pause your subscription anytime

Your satisfaction is guaranteed…

We are confident that our educational resources will empower you on your journey to aging in place. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, we offer a full refund within 30 days of joining.


If you are looking for a TRUSTED source and resource, AEC [is] it! For me, what separates them from other sources and resources is their genuine interest and desire to help people. When you talk with Christina or Cindy, you hear the passion in their voices and their genuine interest in helping. I felt like I was talking with a family member who was excited to help me make the connections I needed. They are two of the most selfless people I have met. Thank you AEC for all you do and the difference you are making in the lives of so many.

Kathleen Quinn


In addition to being kind and friendly, Christina was professional to work with and displayed how much she cares for AEC Caregiving Corner subscribers. Her editing skills are amazing!

Marti Kelly


This is one of the first resources I suggest to people who are navigating physical challenges. Whether someone is experiencing difficulties during the natural aging process and just needs a little extra help, or those with disabilities requiring specialty adaptive equipment, this resource will steer them in the right direction, give them guidance on which equipment will be helpful for them, and even show them how to use it. It is a full service resource that offers exceptional support for our community, as well as expert advice from knowledgeable therapists in the field of assistive and adaptive equipment usage. I highly recommend,

Kerry Mellin

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Get started today for only $9.99 per month. Cancel anytime.

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About AECorner

At AECorner, we are committed to supporting older adults like you in maintaining a safe and comfortable living environment while providing the tools and knowledge to enhance your well-being.

We understand the challenges that may arise as you age. We created the Caregiver's Video Library to give you the skills and confidence to age in place with grace and assurance throughout your golden years.

Gain peace of mind and independence by accessing our Caregiver's Video Library today!

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