The Meal Lifter Dining Aid is an eating aid that raises a dinner plate several inches, reducing the distance from food to mouth. This simple platform assists individuals with uncoordinated movements and promotes dining with dignity.

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The Original AFO Assist® is an innovative lower body dressing aid that makes putting on an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoe easier. This unique dressing assistive device was created by an occupational therapist to increase dressing independence for AFO users.


This 5 pack includes 5 Eazyhold universal cuffs for ages approximately 10 years to adult. The comfortable silicone bands allow you to hold pens, pencils styluses, electric and standard toothbrushes, grooming and toileting aids, tools, toys and technology like remote controls, eating utensils and kitchen implements, musical instruments, art brushes, paint brushes and rollers.


The Step2Bed Bed Rails help your loved ones get in and out of bed safely with durable, easy grab handles for extra safety and support. This adjustable height bed step is made for high beds and low beds for adults and seniors allowing users to customize it to their specific needs and reducing risk of falls.