The Best Way to Use a Cane on the Stairs (Updated)

0:18 Walking UP the stairs with a cane
0:50 Can I place the cane on the step first before I step up?
1:24 Going DOWN the stairs with a cane

Cindy demonstrates How ...
to Use a Cane on the Stairs.

Going up the stairs

Place the cane in the opposite hand of the rail or other hand hold ***if there is no rail or other hand hold, the cane goes on the opposite side of the weak/injured leg

Always lead up with the good/strong leg first

Leave the cane down on the floor or step you are leaving with the weak/injured leg

Put weight through the hand on the rail and on the cane in order to support the weak/injured leg, as you step up with the good leg, followed by the cane and the weak/injured leg

Going down the stairs

Place the cane in the opposite hand of the rail, or other hand hold ****If there is not a rail or other hand hold, the cane will go on the opposite side of the weak/injured leg

Place the cane down on the step below

Followed by the weak/injured leg, then the good leg

Walking Cane by Vive (affiliate link)

Adjustable Quad Cane by Vive (affiliate link)

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