The Easiest Way to Assemble the iWalk

The Easiest Way to Assemble the iWalk – In this video Cindy, PT with Adaptive Equipment Corner demonstrates how to assemble this product. The makers of the iWalk state that it is a “no tools required” assembly and takes under 30 minutes to put together as long as you use the directions. It should be noted, this does not include adjustment for fit.

Cindy’s thoughts on the instructions:

The step-by-step instruction manual for assembly and adjustment was easy to follow both verbally and visually.

The manufacturer’s information:

The link below will direct you to the product page. Be sure to scroll down to the Product Description and read the “Basic Requirements” section to see if the iWalk is right for you.

People who would benefit from using this alternative crutch:

For the rights persons, the iWalk 2.0 is a great alternative to crutches or a knee scooter, allowing the user hands free functional mobility during the recovery of a below the knee injury.

iWalk 2.0: (affiliate link)

Check out this link to the video on How to Walk with the iWalk 2.0:

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The Easiest Way to Assemble the iWalk

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