The Easiest Way to Install Bed Rails

The Easiest Way to Install Bed Rails – Cindy demonstrates How to Install and Use two different styles of Bedrails, one with legs that rest on the floor and one that does not have legs. They both use anchoring devices that slide and rest between the box spring and the mattress. When purchasing a bedrail, you want to take note of the height adjustments of the legs, depending on the style, and the actual bedrail.

Bedrails used for demonstration above
Bedrail with legs by Drive Medical (affiliate link)
Freedom Grip Plus by MTS Medical Supply (affiliate link)
Vive Health Bed Rail: (affiliate link)

Check out the related video link below on use of a Leg Lifter in order to assist getting your legs into bed.

Leg Lifter


These videos are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you consult with your physician and local physical or occupational therapist to be evaluated for your adaptive equipment needs.


The Easiest Way to Install Bed Rails

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