The Original AFO Assist

The Original AFO Assist is used to assist people who wear an Ankle Foot Orthosis with putting on the AFO by providing support and stability. The AFO cradle can be used while sitting with your legs out straight on a bed (long sitting) or while in a chair (short sitting).

The AFO Shoe Platform is used to assist people with putting their foot in a shoe while wearing the AFO. The Foot Funnel (also included) is great for keeping the back of the shoe rigid and open wide for donning.

How to don in short sitting and long sitting:

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Video Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction
00:34 – What is an AFO?
00:44 – Why do some people use an AFO?
00:52 – Who would need an AFO and an AFO Assist?
01:18 – What’s included with the purchase of the Original AFO Assist?
01:48 – How to use the AFO Cradle
02:27 – How to use the AFO Platform and Foot Funnel
02:50 – Therapy Team Talk with Becca, OT
05:15 – AECorner’s final thoughts and recommendation

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The Original AFO Assist

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