Episode 008

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Seni incontinence products are designed to provide comfort, security, and discretion for people who experience urinary or bowel incontinence. Seni products are made with soft, breathable materials and are available in various styles and absorbencies to meet the individual needs of each user.

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Episode 007

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PillMap is the only medication guide that makes managing medications easy. It is the perfect companion to any pillbox because it identifies each pill with a visual component that identifies the size, shape and color, name, dosage, and regimen. As medications change, it is easily updated. The backside of the PillMap communicates additional health information…

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Episode 006

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Mirador Magazine is an ad-free online and print publication created for people with mild to moderate cognitive decline and as an engagement tool for their care partners. The magazine includes short features, stories, and activities designed to be accessible and enjoyable for people with cognitive challenges. It is a valuable resource for individuals with dementia…

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Episode 005

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The Tausi is a modular comfort and support system that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as supporting your head and neck while sleeping or reading in bed, providing back support while sitting in a chair, or giving your legs a boost while reclining. Use discount code AEC for 20% off your…

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Episode 004

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The AFO Assist is a dressing assistive device that helps people with limited mobility independently put on their ankle foot orthosis (AFO) and shoes. It was designed to increase dressing independence for AFO users. Use discount code AEC10 for 10% off your purchase.

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Episode 003

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The Mobility Towel is designed to help individuals maintain their independence and dignity while drying off after a shower or bath. This towel features oversized handles and pliable weights that enable users to easily reach hard-to-access spots on their back, legs, feet, and toes. Use discount code aec22 for 10% off your purchase.

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Episode 002

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The Functional Hand is a universal grip aid designed to assist individuals with limited hand function. This device secures objects of various shapes and sizes, allowing users to easily hold and manipulate everyday items.

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Episode 001

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EaZyHold grip assists are soft, flexible universal cuffs that provide an easy, low-tech solution for people with limited hand mobility. These silicone cuffs help secure a non-slip grip for activities like art, music, sports, writing, eating, and more! With EaZyHold, everyone can explore their hobbies and interests without the need for assistance, helping to maximize…

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